Shoulder Blade Pain When Breathing
Shoulder Blade Pain When Breathing

Right shoulder blade pain when breathing? Sounds a bit weird. Doesn’t it? After all, how can the normal breathing process cause pain between the shoulder blades. However, this is true and there have been instances wherein people experience slight irritation in their shoulder blade while breathing. For days, people struggle to bear this pain that aggravates with every deep breath. To avoid taking a deep breath can be a temporary solution to lessen the pain. It is observed that laughing or yawning also triggers this shoulder blade pain. Read more on sharp shoulder pain.

People who suffer from shoulder blade pain when breathing are also unable to sleep properly. Disturbance in sleep can have an adverse impact on their day-to-day routine. In some cases, there have been reports of pain under left shoulder blade when breathing. This is quite painful and to concentrate on office work or any other activity becomes a daunting task. Read more on shoulder pain at night.

Pain under right shoulder blade that radiates down the arm is a cause of worry for many. It is distressing pain that aggravates upon deeper breathing. To cope up with this bothersome pain, one has to have a high tolerance level. Complaints of mild to moderate shoulder pain when breathing have also been reported. In order to resolve the issue, it is of utmost importance to determine the cause of shoulder blade pain.

Causes of Shoulder Blade Pain When Breathing

Why does inhaling air leads to shoulder blade pain? There are few health problems that can trigger shoulder blade pain, especially while breathing. Some of them are listed below:

Lung Problems
In case the lungs have been affected with some infection, it can cause shoulder blade pain. Lung issues are common among smokers and hence they are vulnerable to this type of problem. People diagnosed with lung collapse do feel this pain during deep breaths.

Cervical Spine Problems
Shoulder blade pain is often associated with degeneration of the cervical spine (neck). The cervical spine, that originates from the base of the skull, is made up of 7 bones, invertebral discs, and has 8 cervical nerves that exit from the spinal cord. In case of damage to any of the nerves, also referred as ‘pinched nerve’, it can cause shoulder blade pain when breathing. Any injury that displaces invertebral discs from its normal position puts undue pressure on the cervical nerves. As a result, the nerves get compressed, which may lead to shoulder blade pain that worsens with breathing.

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Treatment for Shoulder Blade Pain

An MRI scan of the neck will help to determine whether there is any nerve impingement that is causing this type of problem. A chest CT scan is essential to diagnose lung disorders. In some cases, doctors recommend trigger point therapy to alleviate shoulder blade pain. Read more on shoulder blade pain relief.

Shoulder blade pain when breathing is relatively uncommon and many a times, other factors are responsible for this problem. For instance, sitting or standing in an improper manner for long periods of time can cause shoulder blade pain. Therefore sitting on a chair that provides appropriate support to the back and neck is important. shoulder blade pain , shoulder blade pain , shoulder blade pain